Elokomin Chronicles


Elokomin Chronicles takes place ten years after Star Trek: The Motion Picture, aboard the U.S.S. Elokomin (NCC-5355). Find out more on our about page.

Captain Roberta Hart (played by Victoria Avalon), and her experienced crew are defending the Federation way of life in the Alpha Quadrant. Find out more about the cast on the cast page.

The VFX of and editing prowess of Wayland Stricland, will bring professionalism to this independently produced Star Trek series. Find out more about the crew on the crew page.

Be sure to keep up with the latest developments in our blog.

Fun Fact

The word “elokomin” means “lost hunter” in the language of the Kathlamet Indians, a Chinook tribe local to the state of Washington. The tribe’s name comes from the Chinook word “calamet,” meaning “stone” and was given to the tribe because they lived along a stretch of rocky river bed.

In the following home video, Matt Butler explains how to pronounce the name of our ship, the Elokomin.