Starfleet Command ordered the commission of a new type of Federation Vessel — the Abbé class.

First commissioned circa 2274, the Abbé class PT destroyer was on active duty through the early 24th century. It featured “photon hull,” with eight tubes, capable of deploying a barrage of photon torpedoes, or probes, depending on mission requirements.

With a crew complement of 401, a potential velocity of warp factor 9, twelve phaser emplacements, and four highly armored shuttlecraft, the Destroyer was prepared for any manner of hostile engagements.

This is the story of the U.S.S. Elokomin (NCC-5355), named after a Cimarron class fleet oiler of Earth’s 20th Century “United States Navy” during their second “World War.”

The Elokomin’s keel was laid on January 3rd, 2275 at the Bainbridge Ship Yards of Earth, and she was commissioned on June 4th, 2276. The Elokomin was assigned under Defense Administration Fleet Admiral, Lawrence Alexander to battle-hardened, and command-experienced, Captain Roberta Hart.

Captain Hart had grown tired of the conflicts in which she lost valuable equipment and personnel. She specifically requested that Starfleet give her a ship “whose bite finally had some teeth.”

Hart’s first action was acquiring her handpicked crew from a wide array of experienced Starfleet personnel. One key officer, with which she had already served a tour, Doctor Skep Anderson was brought aboard. Hart was overjoyed at working with him again.

The engineer who laid her keel, and drove the last self-sealing stem bolt, was Angus “Gus” Fitzgerald. He was looking forward to a long vacation afterward, but was requested to be Elokomin’s Chief Engineer. He eagerly accepted the position.

In September of 2277, the Elokomin set out on her maiden mission to dissuade unfriendly forces, explore new avenues of peace, and protect Federation lives.

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