Alex Everett — Executive Producer


Executive Producer, Alex Everett (the Chief pain in the backside for everyone).

Alex, grew up in a loving military family. Both of his parents are still living and he says he loves them dearly.

Having never married (and he claims he never will), Alex spent the majority of adult life as a professional mechanic, repairing vehicles and heavy equipment.

A lifelong fan of Star Trek, a year ago, Alex decided he would love to make independent Star Trek productions.

“I wish I had done this long ago. I have managed to get a large group of like minded people together and we all want to make a few films and see where it takes us. We all are interested in Roddenberry styling and will stay as close to that as we can. I am the primary script writer but I do encourage all members of the staff to offer suggestive rewrites as well as stories of their own.”

Star Trek: Elokomin is Everett’s tribute to Star Trek, as well as a fun project for all of those involved.