Todd Gwynn – Line Producer


Originally from Brunswick, Georgia, and educated in Los Angeles, California, Todd Gwynn was born into a Star Trek family. One of his first memories is a model of the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 and a Klingon Battlecruiser suspended from the ceiling of his parents’ bedroom. His father’s astronomy hobby kept Todd continually star-gazing, and helped spark a lifelong love for all things Star Trek.

After entering college with an initial focus in architecture, Todd found himself, like many others in the early nineties, gravitating to computer-based graphic design. Located in Los Angeles at the time, he cultivated a client base by offering freelance desktop publishing and multimedia services. Todd worked on many CD-ROMs, including the computer versions of the popular Geo-Safari. By 1995, he had started his web design firm, Online Presence Providers. Todd later returned to his hometown of Brunswick, Georgia where he continues his career as a web designer.

Having a strong desire to see more classic Star Trek produced, he has poured himself into supporting fan-made (or independent) productions. Mr. Gwynn’s credits include his work as a contributing graphics artist for Star Trek: The Continuing Mission; graphics artist for Star Trek: Shadows of Tyranny; web designer for Exeter Trek; Production Assistant at Farragut Films Studio, which provides the sets for Starship Farragut, Star Trek Continues, Exeter Trek, and Dreadnought Dominion; and a voice cameo in the Star Trek: Ranger audio drama. Todd is also the creator of Star Trek Channel, and Star Trek Hangouts.

Todd Gwynn is Line Producer for Star Trek: Elokomin. (Not to mention web designer, wardrobe department, art department, and financial backer).